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Advanced Locksmiths


24/7 Mobile Locksmith Assistance: Our around-the-clock mobile service means we're always ready to assist you, wherever you are. Whether it's an emergency or a routine key replacement, we're just a call away.

Advanced Security for Every Entrance

From the main entrance of your home or business to the back and front doors, we provide key replacements for all access points. Our services include:

  • Deadbolt Lock Installation: Enhance your security with high-quality deadbolt locks, expertly installed by our team.

  • State-of-the-Art Lock Systems: Upgrade to the latest lock technology for improved safety and peace of mind. We offer a range of advanced locking mechanisms suited to your specific needs.

  • Specialized Key Replacements: Whether it's a traditional door key, a chip key for your safe or cabinet, or modern automotive keys like transponder, Fobik, or proximity keys for push-start vehicles, we have the expertise to replace them all.

House Intercom
Key Fobs
Vehicle Key Solutions

Our automotive locksmith services cover a wide range of key types, from traditional car keys to advanced options like chip keys, transponder keys, Fobik keys, and proximity keys. Trust us to get you back on the road with minimal hassle.

New Keys

Why Choose Advanced Locksmiths for Your Key Replacement Needs?

Decades of Experience

With 35 years in the locksmith industry, our depth of knowledge ensures that we can tackle any challenge, from simple key replacements to complex security upgrades.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of locksmith technology, offering you the most advanced solutions for your security needs.

Commitment to Your Safety

Your security is our top priority. We provide state-of-the-art locks and keys to ensure your home, business, and vehicle are protected against unauthorized access.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Our 24/7 mobile locksmith service means you're never left stranded. We're here to assist you at any hour, ensuring your peace of mind is always preserved.


Don't let lost or damaged keys compromise your security or inconvenience you any longer. Contact Advanced Locksmiths today at (239) 540-1903 for expert key replacement services. Serving Fort Myers and surrounding areas, we're your trusted partner for all locksmith needs, ensuring you're always safe and secure. Unlock security and convenience with Advanced Locksmiths—where excellence meets reliability in every key turn.

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